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Covid Safety Measures

Safety Measures

Park Maintenance & Safety Measures

Virtual Booking & Queuing

  • Book tickets online to skip the queues lines at ticket counters.
  • Helps minimise your contact with other guests and our staff while maintaining social distancing.

Easy Access Guest Entry

  • Book tickets online to avail ‘Easy Access’ that allows you to jump long queue lines
  • Just scan the ticket barcode and gain faster entry
  • Helps minimise crowding and aids social distancing
  • To minimise contact and spread of infection by touch, payment modes will be completely cashless

Safety Checks & Sanitization

Daily Sanitization of Park

  • Before park opening and closing hours , the entire park will be rigorously cleaned, disinfected with strong disinfectants
  • During park hours - frequent cleaning of high touch points like tables, chairs, door knobs, ride handles, handrails, etc. will occur

Thermal Screening

  • Daily temperature checks through non-invasive thermometers for all staff and guests before entry to the park
  • Any staff/guest that has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be able to enter
  • Detected individual will be requested to report immediately to the in-house medical doctor

Food Safety & Hygiene

  • All the food and beverage preparation will be served as per revised FSSAI norms that outlines stringent safety protocols for COVID-19
  • Staff will wear masks, gloves and headgear in kitchen and service area at all times during operational hours
  • No more buffets to avoid crowding and food will be served in disposable cutlery

Touch-free Sanitizer Dispensers

  • Frequent cleaning of hands with either soap based hand-wash or sanitizer is a must to prevent spread of infection
  • For which, ‘Touch-Free’ sanitizer dispensing stations will be available for everyone’s use at all convenient locations within the park

Water Purification

  • Pool water and water based slides will be treated at regular intervals with regulated amounts of Sodium Hypochlorite solution.
  • Solution is a known water disinfectant that is wide used in swimming pools as its highly effective in water purification

Social Distancing Measures

Social Distancing Markers

  • Designated markers will be present all across the park including ticket and ride queue lines for social distancing
  • Each marker will be 1.5 meters/6 feet apart and will indicate where each individual needs to stand
  • Both guest and staff will need to strictly adhere to social distancing norms at all times

Open Air Restaurants & Seat Arrangements

  • Open-air restaurants will be operational at 50% reduced capacity to better manage crowd and lessen risk of infection spread occurring in indoor spaces
  • Alternate table seating arrangement between groups/families to enable physical distancing

Reduced Capacity

  • Park can daily host 1,000 but will operate only at 40% capacity in accordance with guest safety and social distancing norms
  • All rides will operate with reduced capacity too to help guests to physical distance from each other
  • Only limited number of guests will be allowed within any restaurants/retail shop at a given time

Resting Zones

  • Dedicated MASK-FREE area for guests to sit, talk and relax while allowing guests to socially distance from each other
  • Guests will need to maintain 1.5 meter/6 feet distance from one another at all times within this area


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